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Four sections on over 540 sqm inside Palazzo Alidosi
Castel del Rio (Bologna, Italy)

War Museum-Gothic Line was established in 1978 inside palazzo Alidosi, the Reneissance fortress built in XVI century by Alidosi Family. The Museum has become an important institution thanks to the contributions of private donations, acquisitions and public collections: now contains more than 2.000 pieces, some very rare, mainly coming from the events occurred in Fall –Winter 1944-45 after the breakthrough of the Grune Linie - for the Allies, the Gothic Line, built by Nazis in 1943 to defend Northern Italy.

A section is dedicated to WWI (1914-1918,) where more than one hundred of Castel del Rio citizens were enrolled in Italian Army and fought against Central Empires – Austria, Germany Turkey and Bulgary. You can see a large repertoire of war materials coming from Northern Italy Fronts.

The largest collection concerns Gothic Line and WWII, one of the richest all over Italy, with over than 250 weapons from eight nations, hundreds of documents, uniforms, photos, military radio-sets, tools used by soldiers in every-day warlife. You can also appreciate a US Texas T6 plane, at Palazzo Alidosi garden, a Jeep Willys and cannons and mortars from all European fronts. Another section is dedicated to the Deportation: 44 Castel del Rio youngmen were deported, in may 1944, to Mauthausen concentration camp, in Austria. Three of them never came back. Their names are Nevio Baraccani, Angelo Monti and Sergio Simonetti.

Furthermore, the War Museum Association, with an agreement with a private collector, Sergio Zama, has developed a new section dedicated to all those materials coming from military use which were transformed by civil people in tools and objects for every-day use: around 500 pieces are installed in new displays to witness the concreteness of farmers, handcrafts and common people who guessed, after the end of the military operations, the possibility to give a second life to a great amount of military objects: from war to Peace.

Panoramica del piano terra Panoramica del piano terra
Panoramica del piano terra Panoramica del primo piano
Particolare del piano terraUna delle radio militari esposte
Maschera antigasIl Texan T6 esposto a fianco del Museo

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